Keep On The Shadowfell

Day 1

Missing Mentor, No Clues To Be Found

Presented with three alternatives for their quest, our heroes chose to seek the whereabouts of their missing mentor, Douven Stall. The adventurous soul had left months earlier in search of a ruined Dragonborn tomb, not to be heard from again. He was last seen heading to a small village called Winterhaven, and the adventurers knew that the only hope of seeing their teacher again lay there.

A simple down King’s Road on a cool, clear day soon turned into trouble as the party was ambushed by a group of kobolds. Hidden behind the boulders alongside of the road, they attacked without warning or provocation-fortunately, our heroes were able to fight them off (though not without some wounds of their own). The real mystery lay in the meaning behind the attack-were they simply bandits, looking to steal whatever they could from passerby? Or was there another reason behind the attack?

Upon entering the town, they were greeted by a lone elven girl, selling flowers out of a cart. She introduced herself to one of the party as Delphina Moongem, and explained that she’d been paid by the local tavern owner to welcome newcomers to the town. Upon being directed to the tavern, our heroes met Sylvana Wrafton, longtime owner and barkeep of the Wrafton Inn. They accepted her offer of a place to stay for the night while they got their bearings and began to search for clues.

Interrogating the locals was proving to be more difficult than expected-while Delphina was helpful (and Sylvana more than hospitable), the only other locals to be found were a quiet elven woman drinking liquor in the corner of a bar, and a drunk old farmer named Elian. The party awaited the night, and with it, the promise of more information on their missing master. Two members spent their time wandering around the town, becoming acquainted with their surroundings-one stayed and drank himself into a state, while one waited outside of the tavern in a meditative trance.

The night came, and as the pair reentered the main square of the town, their friend stumbled out into the street, clearly drunk. Not escaping their notice, however, a young farmer walked into the pub in front of them—and as their drunken friend wandered into a nearby shop, the pair followed the man back into the bar…



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