Sylvana Wrafton

Barkeep, successful businesswoman, information hub, love of the town.


Sylvana’s family has owned the Wrafton for generations—she took over maintenance of the inn/tavern since her father passed away, four years ago. Good friends with Delphina and known by the entire village of Winterhaven, she has gained quite a reputation as the woman to go to for a pint of ale and a friendly word. Her quick mind and sharp tongue often allow her to poke fun with her customers, and she never lets a chance to make people feel more at ease go by. Sylvana is especially kind to travelers, and the inn upstairs of her bar is reportedly the best (and cheapest) place to stay for a few nights. She is also referred to by mostly everyone in the village as the most connected person they know, having been proprietor of the town’s information hub for a while.

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Sylvana Wrafton

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