Lord Nicolai Padraig

Devoted lord, sharp warrior, kindhearted leader, cares the utmost for his people.


Nicolas Padraig was named as the Lord of Winterhaven after proving his worth on the battlefield – after having defended the town against a goblin invasion just 6 miles away from the town’s walls. He is recognized as the strongest warrior in Winterhaven, but rules with kindness – all of the villagers view him as a common man, and he lords his station over no one without due precedence. From the youngest boy to the oldest man, rich or poor, all respect him, and it is clear he has earned their trust (from the way the people treat him as one of their own). He now spends his time overseeing the town’s official duties and takes special time in personally training the Regulars – a force of Winterhaven’s best ten warriors, men and women. He and the Regulars are responsible for the safety of Winterhaven, and he would sacrifice much to protect them. His manor house at the far reaches of town is a relic of the old Nerath empire, a remnant of when Winterhaven was only an outpost town – he lives there with his wife and four children (three sons, one daughter), but as more of a formality than anything – his children play with others in the village, and his wife can be seen amongst the townsfolk. He welcomes all into his home with appointment – or, if not, Sylvana is more than happy to oblige at the Wrafton – and it’s not uncommon to see merchants or farmers coming to him asking for advice.

He developed a barter system that the town uses to this day – unlike most people in positions of power, he believes in personal worth above all, and that a person’s craft determines their worth (not the amount of money they have). Personal transactions and deals with outsiders are taken care of out of the town’s coffers and his own pocket.

His philosophy on the battlefield elegantly ties into the way he rules his town – personal craft takes priority, and his craft is war.

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Lord Nicolai Padraig

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