• Naram Serdame

    Naram Serdame

    A Sharmind Psion
  • Vox Tacita

    Vox Tacita

    The runt of her brood, this dragonborn was said to not live through five winters. Now, after twenty winters, she struggles with her disabilities and keeping positive while inspiring others.
  • Delphina Moongem

    Delphina Moongem

    A friendly, warm-hearted flower vendor.
  • Lord Nicolai Padraig

    Lord Nicolai Padraig

    Devoted lord, sharp warrior, kindhearted leader, cares the utmost for his people.
  • Sylvana Wrafton

    Sylvana Wrafton

    Barkeep, successful businesswoman, information hub, love of the town.