Many realms share borders with the one we inhabit—both fantastical and malevolent, they are separated from our world by a thin border. The Shadowfell is one such realm— though not intrinsically evil, the land is teeming with dangers. Its darker entities lurk, waiting for the unwary to stumble into their path.

Sometimes, the darkness breaks free.

The once-great human empire of Nerath succumbed to the ravages of time, and its collapse was marked down in history almost one hundred years ago. Only memories of its glory remain—all, ruins now. Some such ruins – an abandoned keep, next to the village of Winterhaven—sparked little interest from its inhabitants, and no curiosity but from the occasional traveler.

When monsters started attacking travelers on King’s Road outside of the village, though, the people realize something must be done to ensure the safety of their village…

Is there a connection?

Keep On The Shadowfell

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